Three Tips For Buying And Owning A Semi Truck

If you are looking to purchase a freight liner or other semi truck so that you can drive it for a living, there are a few important considerations you must follow. Buying your own truck can take your driving career to the next level, allowing you to earn a steady income as you hit the road. To learn a little bit more about purchasing a semi truck and taking great care of it, read on and apply these tips: Read More 

Tips For Preventing A Windshield Chip From Enlarging

A small crack in your auto windshield may at first just seem like an inconvenience, but it can quickly become a safety issue if the crack spreads. It can weaken the integrity of the glass or block the driver's view. There are several options to help keep a crack from spreading until you are able to get a proper repair. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Park under cover Read More 

3 Tips To Save Money On Tires For Your Commercial Truck Fleet

If there is one thing that your company might spend a lot of money on, it's tires for your commercial truck fleet. Unfortunately, tire costs can really add up, but there are a few changes that you can implement to save your company a lot of money while ensuring that you always have safe tires on your trucks. 1. Balance and Rotate Tires Just as it is important to balance and rotate the tires on your personal vehicle, it's also smart to do so with your commercial trucks. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Driving Snow Tires Year Round

Many individuals believe it's an acceptable practice to drive snow tires all year. However, this is not true unless you live in a climate that is cold year round. The tires should be taken off for many reasons because they aren't made to function during summer months when the pavement gets so hot. It is recommended to change them once the colder weather has passed. Here are the facts of the dilemma. Read More 

Getting You Car Ready For Your Road Trip Home For Spring Break

Winter is a tough time for both you and your car when you are living away from home for college. Your first year of independence means that all of the errands to get groceries, personal items, and to go out on the town are all your responsibility. Your auto repair and maintenance are also your sole responsibility as you put the wear and tear on your car. If you are planning to head back to your childhood home for your spring vacation or break, you should be sure that you get your car checked out and repaired before you hit the road. Read More