Driving Habits That Can Ruin A Good Transmission

Drivers develop all kinds of habits that become almost second nature when they slip in the seat behind the wheel of their car. Some of these habits, such as acceleration speed and braking techniques, are learned early and just stick around. Some driving habits develop over time or as a result of driving a certain type of car. While there are many good habits you could adopt that would extend the life of your transmission, there are a few that should always be avoided. Here are a couple bad driving habits that will take a toll on the transmission of your vehicle.

Shifting Directions Without Stopping

It is true that if you want to change from reverse to forward or from first to park, the transmission shift can delegate an immediate change in direction for your vehicle. However, your transmission should never be used as a braking system. Each shift uses inner gears and a shift from one direction to the next means these gears will be forced to move in an opposing direction. The sudden change in direction, without coming to a complete stop, means that your transmission does all of the heavy lifting to make the change, which can easily wear it down and cause sooner need for transmission repair.

Disregarding the Parking Brake

When you are parked on a hillside, it is tempting to just slap the car in park and rely on that to hold you steady while you do whatever it is you need to do. However, there is one component in the car that is made for just the occasion and it is called the parking brake. The parking brake, when engaged, actually locks in your wheels to prevent them from moving. A car with a transmission simply set to park holds the car in place via the transmission gears. On flat, level ground, this is not that big of a deal. However, at an angle where the car wants to move naturally because of a slope, not using the brake puts unnecessary strain on the transmission to hold the car in place. Besides, if a gear were to slip, not using the parking brake on a hillside could prove to be dangerous

When it comes to cars and their operational components, the one that is most important to its function is the transmission. Avoiding transmission repair is all about knowing what driving habits you should avoid to extend its life. Contact professionals, such as those from Power Shift Transmissions, for additional help.