What To Do When Your Brakes Do Not Work

Your vehicle's braking system is extremely important as it keeps your vehicle and yourself safe from harm. When your brakes do not work properly, you are at risk for injury if you were to get into an accident. Keeping on top of routine brake maintenance with a shop like Brake Check in Calgary is imperative to keep them running properly at all times. If you happen to experience a brake failure while on the road, you will need to know how to react to keep yourself safe. Here are some tips you can use if you have a no-brake condition in your vehicle.

Pump Your Brakes

if you push your brakes and they do nothing to stop your vehicle, you may have an air bubble within the braking lines. To get the fluid moving through the lines to aid in the stopping of your vehicle, pump the brakes up and down quickly several times. With vehicles that have an automatic braking system, you will need to push down on the brake as far as you can. The computer will then take over and perform the pumping action for you.

Use Your Emergency Brake

All vehicles are equipped with an emergency brake to be used for situations where your regular brakes may not be enough. You usually would use it when parking on a steep hill to give your vehicle an added layer of safety. Pull your emergency brake and use it to help slow your vehicle. Do not pull the brake quickly as you would then stop abruptly, potentially causing your vehicle to spin out in the process. Instead pull firmly and slowly.

Downshift Your Vehicle

If your brakes do not work at all, you can try to downshift your vehicle from drive to a lower gear in an attempt to slow it down. This would work in both manual and automatic vehicles. Use the shifter to move your vehicle from drive to two or three in a manual vehicle or lower gear in an automatic vehicle. You will see the appropriate labels right next to your shifter. In a dire emergency you can try putting your vehicle in reverse, but this will cause all kinds of problems with your transmission afterward. 

Try To Hit Something

Start beeping your horn to alert people that you do not have brakes so they will get out of your way. Look for something on the side of the road that you can hit without causing harm to yourself or others, such as a guard rail or a parked vehicle. This should only be done if there is no other method working to stop your vehicle. It could mean the difference between saving yourself or injury.