Turning Trash Into Cash: How To Get The Most From Your Junk Car

When your car has reached the end of its life as a transport vehicle, it can still help you out in another way: by giving you money. You can turn your old heap of trash into cash by selling it to a local junk car buyer. Junk car buyers will give you a fair price for the vehicle, and will then typically sell the individual parts for money later. Before you sell the vehicle, make sure that you prepare to get the best deal by doing the following things.

Check the Value

Check the current value of your vehicle online before you try to sell it to a junk car buyer. Get the Canadian Black Book value for the vehicle, making sure to choose the "Average Asking Price" option, followed by the "Poor/Not Operational" option. While you might not get precisely the value quoted in the Black Book, this is at least a general guideline that you can use, and it gives you an amount to shoot for in negotiations.

Obtain the Vehicle Title

You must be the legal owner of the vehicle before you can sell it to a junk car buyer. Make sure that you have the vehicle title on hand, and be prepared to provide proof of your identity before the junk car buyer will accept the vehicle. You will sign the vehicle title over to the junk car buyer at the time of the sale.

Get Quotes From Buyers

Contact at least a few different junk car buyers in your area to see how the offers compare. You may even want to try junk car buyers in other parts of the province. Prices will typically be quite similar, but you may get lucky and find an offer that makes it well worth the time you spent tracking it down.

Call For Vehicle Pickup

While not all companies will do so, many of them will offer junk car removal. This can save you considerable time and money, since you would have to tow the vehicle to the junkyard yourself otherwise.

Don't forget to clean out the car completely before the junk car buyer arrives, as this will be your last chance to collect any stray belongings that you may have left behind. Once your junk car buyer arrives, all that is left is a title exchange for a check. After that, you can truly say that you turned trash into cash!