3 Modifications That Can Improve Your Bug Out Vehicle

A bug out vehicle is one of the most important part of any disaster prepper's evacuation plan. However, while there are many stock vehicles that can make decent bug out vehicles, they can all do with a bit of improvement. A locking differential, skid plate, and a lifted suspension are just a few modifications that can make your bug out vehicle much more effective.

Locking Differential

One of the most important aspects of any bug out vehicle is its off-road capability. However, just because your vehicle can go off-road does not mean that it will not get stuck. Many stock off-road vehicles will be prone to getting stuck in the snow or mud.

The main reason for this is that the differential on a standard vehicle will often allow all of the power from your engine to be taken up by a spinning wheel. If the wheel is stuck in a patch of sand, mud, or snow and is unable to grip the surface, you aren't going anywhere. However, a locking differential will allow equal power to be sent to all of the wheels, which means that a single slipping tire will not be enough to get your vehicle stuck.

Skid Plate

Another great modification for your bug out vehicle is a skid plate. A skid plate is going to protect the underside of your vehicle from all manner of road hazards. For example, a skid plate located near the rear of your vehicle will keep rocks or other debris from puncturing your fuel tanks when you go off-road. 

You should also consider installing a skid plate near the front of your vehicle. This type of skid plate will protect your brake lines, fuel lines, and just generally keep road hazards from interfering with or damaging your engine.

Lifted Suspension

Finally, a great way to improve your bug out vehicle's off-road capability is to have a suspension lift added by a mechanic. A suspension lift can provide additional clearance for when your vehicle needs to leave paved roads behind.

However, you will want to be cautious with this type of modification as lifting your vehicle too high can cause quite a few different issues. A vehicle that is too high will often become quite unstable, which can result in your vehicle being more likely to roll over in an accident. In addition, if the vehicle is lifted too high it will produce more drag, which can greatly lower your fuel economy.

Speak to a mechanic {like those at Auto Dream} in order to discuss the many modifications that he or she can make to your bug out vehicle. Lifted suspensions, skid plates, and locking differentials are all great choices if you want to make a more capable bug out vehicle.