Window Tinting In British Columbia: What You Need To Know Before You Get It

Tinted windows can protect the vehicle and its passengers from heat, reduce the glare of the sun, and give a stylish look to the vehicle as a whole. However, there are legalities that must be observed when you get window tinting. Every province in the country has its own rules and regulations regarding window tinting. Fortunately, as a resident of British Columbia, you enjoy some of the most lenient window tinting rules in Canada. Read on to learn what you should know about the legalities of window tinting in B.C.

The Windshield

Since the windshield is the most essential window for proper driver vision, it has a restriction on its alteration. While it is permissible to tint this window, you can only add this tint to the top 75mm (three inches) of the windshield. There are currently no restrictions on how dark the tint can be, so you can choose anything from near-black to a pale gray shade.

The darker that you go with a windshield tint, the more obvious the contrast will be between the tint and the non-tinted glass. Therefore, many people may choose a graduated tint that begins with a near-black shade at the very top and changes into a gray shade at the bottom of the three inch tinted area.

The Rear Window

You can tint the rear window of any vehicle registered in British Columbia without restriction. However, the shade of the tint may incite an extra vehicle safety requirement. If you choose a shade of window tint that is dark enough to impede your rear-window vision, you are legally required to have fully functional side mirrors on both sides of your vehicle to help improve rear visibility. Ask a professional window tinting installer, like Auto Style Plus, exactly how dark you can go with the window film without potentially causing reduced vision while you drive.

The Side Windows

The side windows of any vehicle in British Columbia can be tinted with no restrictions. However, you should keep in mind that you do need to have reasonably clear vision in your side windows to change lanes safely. Sometimes, people who own four-door sedans choose to have the back side windows tinted very dark while selecting a lighter tint for the front side windows.

British Columbia residents are able to get nearly any type of window tinting that they want for their vehicles. Take advantage of this flexibility by choosing an effective and stylish new window tint for your car today!