What Are The Different Types Of Window Tinting Film?

When you are planning on having your windows tinted, it is a good idea to know what different types of tint you have to choose from. This will help you decide which type of tinting film will best meet your needs. These are the common types of window tinting film that are used today:

Dyed Window Tinting Film

Dyed window tinting film is composed of a layer of adhesive that bonds to the car window, a layer of dyed polyester film, and a scratch resistant hardcoat. The dye that is inside this film is heat absorbing. This means that much of the heat from the sun is absorbed into the film and then escapes through the sides of it with normal air flow. This helps keep your car from getting as hot inside on warm, sunny days.

Deposited Window Tinting Film 

Deposited window tinting film is made up of an adhesive layer, a UV treated film, a laminating adhesive, a metallicized film, and a scratch-proof hardcoat. Since this film has metals in its makeup, it is thicker than dyed film. The metals that are commonly used may be nickel-chrome, aluminum or copper.

The metal in this window tinting film make it reflect the sun. This helps keep dangerous UV rays from getting inside while you drive, reduces the heat inside the car and prevents your interior from fading when being exposed to strong sunlight.

Hybrid Window Tinting Film 

Hybrid window tinting film uses both dyes and metals to protect your car from harsh sunlight. The layers that are included in this type of film are a mounting adhesive, dyed polyester film, a laminating adhesive, a metallized film, and a scratch resistant hardcoat.

Hybrid window tinting offers the best of both worlds. It keeps out UV rays and excess heat from the sun without being overly dark colored. The metallized features of this window tinting film gives it a brighter finish that is not extremely reflective.

Having window tinting film added to your car windows is very beneficial. It helps make riding in your car safer by blocking out harmful UV rays from the sun and reducing the glare that may hinder the vision of the driver. It may also help reduce the amount of fuel you use since can run your air conditioning on lower settings to remain comfortable.

Window tinting also gives motorists more privacy from the outside world as well. It is available in various thicknesses and you may want to see what the laws pertaining to window tinting are in your area before choosing the level of tinting you will have. For more information, contact a company like Canada Auto Glass window tinting.