Getting You Car Ready For Your Road Trip Home For Spring Break

Winter is a tough time for both you and your car when you are living away from home for college. Your first year of independence means that all of the errands to get groceries, personal items, and to go out on the town are all your responsibility. Your auto repair and maintenance are also your sole responsibility as you put the wear and tear on your car. If you are planning to head back to your childhood home for your spring vacation or break, you should be sure that you get your car checked out and repaired before you hit the road. To do this, get to know some of the car maintenance tasks and checks you should do before your drive home.

Have the Tires Checked and Put Snow Tires On If Necessary

Even though it is called spring break, you very well know that there could be snow or a blizzard as winter sometimes likes to linger on way past its welcome. Because there is a risk of snow and ice on the roads when you make the journey home for spring break, you want to be sure that your tires are in the best possible condition for the journey.

First, check the tire air pressure in all four of your tires. You not only want to determine if there is enough air in all of your tires but also if the amount of air in the four tires is even (all tires have the same air pressure readings). If the air pressure is low, you may want to have your tires checked by a professional to be sure there are no holes or embedded objects like nails in your tires that could cause further air pressure problems.

Checking the tire tread is also important when you plan to head on a long road trip. Bald or nearly bald tires with nearly no tread can be dangerous and may blow out causing you to get into an accident or need extensive repairs on your wheels and axles. Of course, if there is deep snow, you can also have snow tires put on to increase traction and get you home safely.

Deal With Your Motor Oil and Other Fluids

In addition to being sure your tires are in good condition, you also need to ensure that all of the other elements of your car are working properly. Motor or engine oil is one of the most important aspects to check before a long trip.

The engine oil lubricates your car's engine preventing all of the moving parts from rubbing together, causing friction and damage. Have your oil changed before you head out so that it is at the correct levels and is viscous enough to keep the engine running. Other fluids to check include antifreeze and windshield wiper fluids so that everything in your car remains at the right temperature and so you can clean the grime and snow/ice off of your windshield.

Now that you know a few of the car maintenance tasks you should complete before you head out on the road, you can schedule your auto mechanic appointment and get everything checked and any issues repaired before you enjoy a break back at home over your spring vacation.