3 Tips To Save Money On Tires For Your Commercial Truck Fleet

If there is one thing that your company might spend a lot of money on, it's tires for your commercial truck fleet. Unfortunately, tire costs can really add up, but there are a few changes that you can implement to save your company a lot of money while ensuring that you always have safe tires on your trucks.

1. Balance and Rotate Tires

Just as it is important to balance and rotate the tires on your personal vehicle, it's also smart to do so with your commercial trucks. It will need to be done more frequently than on your personal vehicle, however, since your trucks are probably on the road a whole lot more each month. Ensuring that the tires are balanced and rotated on a regular basis helps ensure that there is regular wear and tear on all of the tires. This can help prevent some from wearing out too quickly and having the need to be replaced.

2. Ask Drivers to Check Air Pressure Regularly

Even though your drivers might think about checking the oil on their rigs when they are filling up, they might not check the air pressure on all of the tires as frequently as they should. Along with having your maintenance crew check the air pressure on all of the tires on your commercial truck when maintenance is being done, ask your drivers to check the air pressure each time that they fill up their rig. Not only can this help preserve the tires so that they last longer without the need for replacement, but it can also help keep your drivers -- and other people on the road -- as safe as possible and can help your company save money on fuel.

3. Consider Retreading

Instead of always replacing your truck's tires, you can always consider retreading instead. This allows you to keep your tires for longer without replacement and can be more affordable than buying brand new tires. Once you find that you can save money while keeping safe tires on your commercial trucks, you might find that you actually retread them more frequently than you replaced them in the past.

Buying tires for a commercial truck fleet can be very expensive. If you feel that the costs are really adding up and affecting your company, now is the time to think about making some changes. By making these three changes, you can not only save money, but you can also help keep your drivers and everyone else on the road safe from potential accidents. Contact a truck repair company, like Bradvin Trailer Sales Ltd truck repairs or a similar location, for more tips and help.