Tips For Preventing A Windshield Chip From Enlarging

A small crack in your auto windshield may at first just seem like an inconvenience, but it can quickly become a safety issue if the crack spreads. It can weaken the integrity of the glass or block the driver's view. There are several options to help keep a crack from spreading until you are able to get a proper repair. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Park under cover

It's best to park in a garage or carport when you have a window crack so that the window isn't as exposed to temperature fluctuations caused by direct sunlight. If this isn't an option, at least opt for shaded spots, such as underneath a tree or on the shady side of a building.

Tip #2: Keep moisture out

Another major concern with a crack is moisture. Moisture can work its way into a crack where temperature changes can cause the moisture to expand or contract. This can expand the crack and make it worse. While you can't do too much about rain or snow when you are driving, you can prevent moisture from getting in the crack from morning dew or when you are parked by simply covering the windshield with a sheet of cardboard when you aren't driving the car.

Tip #3: Avoid major temperature changes

Your car defrost and AC are also culprits when it comes to expanding a crack. Warm up your car slowly on cold mornings and don't blast the defrost right onto the windshield – instead opt for a low setting. Hitting a cold window with hot air makes the crack grow. The same goes for the AC in summer – keep the setting low so you aren't hitting a hot window with cold air.

Tip #4: Keep the weight off

If you get a crack in the snowy season, the simple weight of accumulating snow can be a problem that stresses an already cracked window. Clear the glass at regular intervals until the snow stops, as you don't want the snow to build up to a point where its weight causes the glass to crack further or shatter.

Although these tips can help, they can't be used indefinitely. Fortunately most small cracks and chips can be repaired for minimal cost, only larger cracks or spider webbing require a windshield replacement. Call a glass repair shop like Standard Auto Glass in your area to get a quote on the repair you need.