7 Maintenance Tips For Sunroofs

A sunroof is more than just a cosmetic feature. It can help to circulate cool air on a warm day. Unfortunately, the sunroof can occasionally experience problems. To help keep your sunroof functioning properly, here are 7 maintenance tips to observe. Clean the rubber gasket. The rubber gasket is the seal between the body of the sunroof and the glass. To help maintain the seal, periodically clean it with a mild detergent and lint-free cloth. Read More 

Why You Need To A Get A Full Tune-Up For Your Car When It Reaches 100K Miles

Taking care of your car is more important than simply maintaining your investment, it is also about keeping you safe while on the road. If your car has just surpassed 100,000 miles and has not been taken to a repair shop anytime recent, you need to look into the numerous reasons why a tune-up is necessary. With the right care from a trusted repair shop, your car should be able to last for a long time to come. Read More 

What Are The Different Types Of Window Tinting Film?

When you are planning on having your windows tinted, it is a good idea to know what different types of tint you have to choose from. This will help you decide which type of tinting film will best meet your needs. These are the common types of window tinting film that are used today: Dyed Window Tinting Film Dyed window tinting film is composed of a layer of adhesive that bonds to the car window, a layer of dyed polyester film, and a scratch resistant hardcoat. Read More 

Jerky Car Problems? One Simple Solution That Might Help

Your car may start jerking at any time, and you need to be ready to deal with it, especially if you want to save some money. Your throttle position sensor might be causing your erratic acceleration, and you can take care of this on your own.  The Throttle Position Sensor The throttle position sensor helps the throttle regulate the amount of air that goes into your engine. It reads the amount of power that you are requesting and allows just the right amount of air for proper combustion and power. Read More 

Window Tinting In British Columbia: What You Need To Know Before You Get It

Tinted windows can protect the vehicle and its passengers from heat, reduce the glare of the sun, and give a stylish look to the vehicle as a whole. However, there are legalities that must be observed when you get window tinting. Every province in the country has its own rules and regulations regarding window tinting. Fortunately, as a resident of British Columbia, you enjoy some of the most lenient window tinting rules in Canada. Read More