3 Modifications That Can Improve Your Bug Out Vehicle

A bug out vehicle is one of the most important part of any disaster prepper's evacuation plan. However, while there are many stock vehicles that can make decent bug out vehicles, they can all do with a bit of improvement. A locking differential, skid plate, and a lifted suspension are just a few modifications that can make your bug out vehicle much more effective. Locking Differential One of the most important aspects of any bug out vehicle is its off-road capability. Read More 

Turning Trash Into Cash: How To Get The Most From Your Junk Car

When your car has reached the end of its life as a transport vehicle, it can still help you out in another way: by giving you money. You can turn your old heap of trash into cash by selling it to a local junk car buyer. Junk car buyers will give you a fair price for the vehicle, and will then typically sell the individual parts for money later. Before you sell the vehicle, make sure that you prepare to get the best deal by doing the following things. Read More 

Trailer Wiring Issues – What Could The Problem Be?

The wiring in your trailer can cause you some terrible headaches. When the taillights on your trailer don't work as they should, you cannot safely haul the trailer on the roads. If you are having troubles with the lights on your trailer, you may find some relief after using the following troubleshooting techniques. Determine whether the Problem Is With the Vehicle Before you go wracking your brain trying to find the problem in the trailer, you have to determine if the problem is, in fact, in the trailer – it is possible that the wiring problem is in the vehicle that you are towing the trailer with. Read More 

Radiator Maintenance: How to Check and Add Coolant

The radiator in your vehicle performs an essential job as it helps to keep your engine cool. When it comes to radiator maintenance, checking and filling your coolant is something you should never put off. The coolant is going to help to cool off your vehicle when it is needed, as well as keeping the engine from freezing in the winter. Here are some tips for checking the coolant and adding it when the coolant level is low. Read More 

Payment Options When Replacing A Broken Car Windshield

Waking up in the morning to broken auto glass is no fun, whether it's an act of vandalism or a wayward rock on the highway from the day before. Before scheduling a repair or replacement, find out who is responsible for the cost – you or your auto insurance. This will help you make the best choice when you begin looking at repair options. Check Your Coverage Your insurance may not cover the cost of a repair or replacement, even if you have comprehensive coverage. Read More