Troubleshooting Your Car’s Battery And Alternator

Batteries and alternators are critical parts of your car's electrical system. You car won't run without both of them working correctly. Here is how to troubleshoot electrical system problems involving these components. How These Components Work Together When your engine is not running, your battery provides all of the power you need to run the electrical components in the car, such as the lights and radio. It also is needed to start the engine. Read More 

Three Preventable Diesel Engine Problems

A recent study, released in 2013 by the Car Care Council, shows that 77% of vehicles on the road today are in need of servicing. Neglecting maintenance efforts and expenses can lead not only to higher repair costs later on, but even to complete breakdowns that strand you miles from cell service. Diesel engines are relatively quite durable, but care and regular checkups are still necessary to keep them reliable and healthy. Read More 

What To Do When Your Brakes Do Not Work

Your vehicle's braking system is extremely important as it keeps your vehicle and yourself safe from harm. When your brakes do not work properly, you are at risk for injury if you were to get into an accident. Keeping on top of routine brake maintenance with a shop like Brake Check in Calgary is imperative to keep them running properly at all times. If you happen to experience a brake failure while on the road, you will need to know how to react to keep yourself safe. Read More 

Keep Your Tires Inflated Properly This Winter

In order to stay safe out on the road this winter, you need to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Cold weather can cause your tires to more easily lose pressure. During the cold winter months, it is important that you check your tire pressure frequently. Properly inflated tires provide you with better traction when you drive and prevent your tires from failing. Cold Weather Causes Your Tire Pressure To Drop Read More 

Driving Habits That Can Ruin A Good Transmission

Drivers develop all kinds of habits that become almost second nature when they slip in the seat behind the wheel of their car. Some of these habits, such as acceleration speed and braking techniques, are learned early and just stick around. Some driving habits develop over time or as a result of driving a certain type of car. While there are many good habits you could adopt that would extend the life of your transmission, there are a few that should always be avoided. Read More